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As court appointed translator and interpreter, I perform both certified translations with round stamp and standard translations of the best quality. This is evidenced by hundreds of satisfied clients who contacted me over almost 10 years of my translating experience. I translate usually official documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, school certificates, etc.) as well as contract documents but as a universal professional translator I also translate various abstracts, professional articles and even TV show scripts.

For your reference, visit Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of which I am a long-term member or you can review the list of court appointed interpreters of the Ministry of Justice.


I interpret court hearings as well as proceedings before other bodies of State administration (Registry Office, District Social Security Administrations, etc.) and also for the Police of the Czech Republic and Foreign Police. I also interpret at wedding ceremonies and business meetings (General Meetings, notarial records, etc.). I perform consecutive interpreting.